Optics & Photonics Japan 2024


◆ About OPJ ◆

Optics & Photonics Japan (OPJ) serves as both a platform for research presentations in optics and photonics and is widely recognized as a venue for disseminating information in the field of optics in Japan. The scope of this academic conference covers a wide range of areas related to light, including nanophotonics, quantum optics, information photonics, vision optics, optical measurements, biomedical optics, and optical design, and extends to X-ray and EUV optics, making it one of the largest academic conferences in the field of optics in Japan, covering a broad field from optical science to industrial applications.

OPJ2024 will be held in Tokyo for the first time in three years. In addition to general presentations, we are planning international symposiums featuring special lectures from OPTICA, SPIE, EOS (European Optical Society), and invited lectures from overseas societies, as well as joint symposiums with various domestic societies.

Similar to OPJ2023 last year, this conference will prioritize in-person presentations. Please enjoy the tension of face-to-face presentations, lively discussions, and the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues at OPJ in Chofu, Tokyo.

Date 29 November (Fri.) - 01 December (Sun.) 2024
Location The University of Electro-Communications in Chofu, Tokyo
Sponsorship The Optical Society of Japan (OSJ)
Co-sponsorship Photonics Division, The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)

Submission Period 22 July (Mon.) - 23 August (Fri.) 2024(TBD)
Submit a manuscript deadline 27 September (Fri.) 2024(TBD)
Post deadline paper submission period 7 October (Mon.) - 21 October (Mon.) 2024(TBD)
Pre-registration period July 22 (Mon.) - 31 October (Thu.) 2024(TBD)
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  Transaction Act

◆ Plenary sessions  ◆

◆Keynote speech  29 November (Fri,) (TBC)
 Masayuki Katsuragawa (The Univ. of Electro-Communications
 "Linear and nonlinear optical processes comprised of a highly-discrete spectrum
  - Attractive route to frontier in optical science -"

◆OPTICA,SPIE,EOS Special Lectures  29 November (Fri,) (TBC)
 Prof. Gerd Leuchs
 (Optica President, Max Planck Institute, Germany)

 Prof. Cather Simpson
 (SPIE Board of Directors, Univ of Auckland, Chair of the SPIE Publications Committee,
  CEO of Orbis Diagnostics)

 Prof. Ignacio Moreno
 (EOS Secretary, University Miguel Hernández in Spain,
  In 2017-20 President of the Spanish Society of Optics)

◆OSJ・OPTICA・OSK Joint Symposia  29 November (Fri,), 30 November (Sat.) (TBC)

◆Award Ceremony  29 November (Fri,) (TBC)
 Award Ceremony for Optical Paper Award, Optical Encouragement Award,
 and Hikari Mirai Incentive Award

◆ Banquet ◆

Chofu Creston Hotel, 29 November (Fri.) 2024

◆ Cosponsor and Support ◆

Photonics Division, The Japan Society of Applied Physics

The Universituy of Electro-Communications

Supporting by academic societies
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